Scientific Thinking


Problem Solving Ability

Calculative Logic

Teacher-student Relations

Modern science is progressing faster day by day. The day is not too far when automatic machines will take over most of the human labour. Infact it has already started, you can see a machine checking eyes at a doctor's clinic and also making bills at a vegetable vendor’s shop! The advantage with machines is that they work with more speed, more accurately and with lesser cost. So in near future, human beings will be required and valued only for the jobs that machines can't undertake. Hence, it is necessary to think about the technical, social and psychological scenario of near future and provide such education to our children that they can make their future prosperous and flourishing.

Inquire Now


Que: Do you teach the content from the textbook?

Ans: No. We only teach how to teach. We take some examples from the textbooks.

Que: Is it like a B. Ed. training?

Ans: No, much more different.

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