Sharp Memory

Writing Speed in Exams

Logical Thinking

Expression Power

Unique Creativity

Losing Exam Phobia

Stress & Anger Management

Clarity in Career Selection

Nowadays education has become so stressful because of too much competition in exams that every year thousands of families lose their beloved children.

It is also true that there is no other alternative of working hard. But let’s re-think over how to work? As a student how much do you work to memorize things and how much do you work to sharpen your memory?

Swami Vivekananda is an all time role model of students. What do you know about his memory? Did he work hard to remember things or did he work hard to have such a sharp memory that he could remember everything just in a single reading?

So, focus on sharpening and developing your abilities rather than merely working hard.

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Que: Do you teach in a large group or individually?

Ans: In a small group or individually- both.

Que: Who can attend?

Ans: All Students above 6th Standard.

Que: Can a teacher join this program?

Ans: We have separate special programs for teachers and parents.

Que: What is the time duration?

Ans: 20 hours of training and 20-30 hours of homework.

Que: Do you give homework?

Ans: Yes, but not like your school homework. They are exciting activities to sharpen your learning in the training session.

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