It’s a self-learning interactive course to make kids learn English used in our everyday conversation as well as sense of effective communication skill and positive life values.

The method is effective, enjoyable, playful and very scientific along with the consideration of kids’ multidimensional cognitional growth.

  • The course consists of total 10 episodes divided into 48 parts.
  • In each part the kid has to enjoy an animated story of about four minutes followed by the explanation of some English sentences used in the story and question-based games using these sentences.
  • In the game the kid gets one point for each correct attempt.
  • If the answer is wrong, the question is repeated saying “no problem try again” till the right answer is not given.
  • On successful completion of games, a prize is given.
  • Everyday only one part will be unlocked of an episode and after the complete unlock of the full episode, the same time will be given for repetition. After completion of the revision time, the first part of the next episode will be unlocked.
  • In order to unlock the next part the kid needs to complete the previous part.
  • The course duration is of 96 days.
  • The total validity of the course is 150 days including the days for revision and extra practice. Additional validity is chargeable and conditional.

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